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Validation as a Service (VaaS)

All invoices scanned through Alii will go through an automated data validation process. Information extracted from the invoice that the system deems uncertain routes to one of our validators in our Brisbane office to ensure accurate data is presented to you.


We understand that implementing new technology requires training and support for your team, so they can get the most out of their new solution.

That's why we provide comprehensive implementation and training as part of our solutions:

End User Training

Basic user training for your existing team members is included as part of your new solution. This training includes an overview of the main features of the software, as well as basic trouble shooting and tips and tricks. This training will be completed in one location (ie, head office with other sites able to join in person or via a screen-share

Train the Trainer and Administration Training

Some of your team will require full training in the advanced features of your solution such as administration training advanced troubleshooting and component configuration. We offer one advanced training session for each location on the advanced features of your new solution.

Technical Support

We offer full developer support on each and every license supplied through our solutions.

Through Alii Technology Group, you receive on-going support from Certified Technicians, who have access to specific and full administration documentation of your solution. This means you get maximum reliability and effective use from your solution.

Through our thorough analysis and configuration, service and maintenance programs, proactive license monitoring and through the implementation of the latest version upgrades, issues are reduced which means you have more solution "up time".

By having a dedicated technical support team available to your business, it frees up your IT team to tackle other priority projects in your business.

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