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The Accounts Payable process has long been a time-intensive and manual process with many facets and bottlenecks. Creating an efficient manual process simply is not enough to ensure true efficiency and productivity. Alii Education is a feature-rich and intuitive Procure to Pay platform which is mobile-friendly and can be customised to fit your specific business need.


Protection from Fraud
  • BSB and Account Number checks.
  • Duplicate Invoice notification.
Analyse your Spend
  • Alii dashboard will give you insight into cash flow & user performance.
  • Custom reporting.
Work on the Go
  • Alii is fully accessible from any web-enabled device.
  • Alii App coming soon.
  • Alii integrates with your Student Information, Finance and Document Management Systems.
Configure to your Needs
  • All users have the ability to change the way they see Alii.
  • Workflow and form customisation available.
Seamless Purchasing
  • User-friendly interface for creating Purchase Orders.
  • Invoice matches against Purchase Order and pulls data into invoice form.
Validation as a Service
  • Invoice validation is performed by ESP Solutions Group in Australia as a service.
  • All invoices received by you in Alii will show all relevant data extracted.
Full Oversight
  • Alii's Audit Trail not only captures who approves an action and when, but also tracks what data they have changed during the process.
Secure Login
  • Single Sign On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) available.
Holistic Views
  • Quickly and easily see Purchase Orders linked to Invoices and vice-versa.


Remove Bottlenecks

Using workflows and a pre-determined Delegation of Authority (DOA), the Alii Education platform ensures that Purchase Orders and Invoices are quickly routed to the relevant approvers. Alii sends users notifications to approve tasks, and users can follow the status of a Purchase Order or Invoice in their queues.

Improve Invoice Payment Security

The Alii platform checks each and every invoice to ensure that it is not a duplicate. It also checks bank details, comparing what is extracted from the invoice to what is in your Finance system. Any variations show to the user to action.

Increase Productivity

Integrating Alii into your organisation can mean that the same volume of invoice approvals and payments can be completed in much less time. This means you can re-purpose your staff to tasks which have more value and a greater operational impact.

Gain Visibility

The Alii Education platform includes a dynamic dashboard, where details in graphs can be drilled into, all the way to the invoices which makes up the graph. Report templates can be created easily for any data you want to surface from Alii, on demand.

Reduce Errors

Starting from the initial invoice extraction, the Alii Education platform offers a unique Validation as a Service (VaaS) which can ensure that invoices have all relevant information correctly extracted before it hits your queue. Business rules for coding can be configured to ensure that the metadata does not even attempt to enter your system of record until all rules are followed.

Existing Systems remain your Systems of Record

Alii Education does not attempt to replace your current Finance and/or Student Information System, rather its purpose is to bridge the gap between your business processes and your business systems. To ensure this, Alii imports not only the metadata associated with the invoice, but it also includes a PDF that contains the invoice, related purchase order, audit trail and notes, then delivers it to a destination of your choosing.

Reinforce Compliant Purchasing Behaviour

The user-friendly nature of Alii Education assists organisations with implementing purchase order policies. Our workflows and Delegation of Authority ensures that the correct person to approve a Purchase Order or Invoice receives the task, which is documented in the Audit Trail.

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